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Thursday, 11 February 2016
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Level of Education: LKG

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The Driving Factor

In this world where everyone strives to reach a way of living which they feel is acceptable to themselves, there are some for whom it is not as simple to ask for attention and means to do this. For most of us it is easy enough, as all we need to do is sit down and  have a discussion about our dreams with our parents and they lend us their helping hand. But what about the others...? There is a huge capital flow wandering about all over the world, but somehow it fails to touch a few people for reasons which no one ever hears about. We believe that education is the key to unlocking this resource.

Education is  a basic need and right of every individual, not only because it opens a wide door of opportunities, brings about self sustenance and inspires one to think  but  also  is the reason why the sun rises on a better world everyday...

The statistics in brief about education in India as given by the UNESCO Institute of statistics are as follows:

    * Regional Average for pre-primary enrollment in 2005(GER%)      : 37
    * Regional Average for primary enrollment in 2005(GER%)             : 113
    * Regional Average for secondary enrollment in 2005(GER%)        : 53
    * Regional Average for tertiary enrollment in 2005(GER%)               : 11
    * Primary to secondary transition rate in 2004 (%)                              : 85

  *Percentages of children in school are represented by Gross Enrolment Ratios (GER) and Net Enrolment Ratios (NER). GER is the number of pupils enrolled in a given level of education regardless of age expressed as a percentage of the population in the theoretical age group for that level of education.

Not everybody has the time to look at these figures, and even if one is aware of the figures, the most common and convenient response is to launch into a diatribe complaining about the pathetic state that the country is in. Such pessimism is a crippling mental handicap. It is not only a self-consoling, surefire prescription for losing without a fight but also extremely demotivating to others who may be capable of bringing a about a positive change. If you think the cause is lost, that is the way you will behave and you will drag others down with you.

Mahatma Gandhi once said ,"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." At Two Cents of Hope, we believe that we can and will make a difference to these figures in whatever small way we can. David Bornstein, an author, has quoted, "Every change begins with a vision and a decision to take action." This organization was started off in a coffee shop by three graduate students at North Carolina State University, who wanted to transform their dreams of seeing a better India into reality and not let it remain just a dream and topic of discussion around a coffee table. Now TCH has branches not only in the US and India but also in many other parts of the world.

We believe in the cause of furthering education as a single purpose in our mind. TCH has completed many projects helping deserving students to successfully pursue their education at the primary and secondary level. However we do not restrict ourselves to this. Projects such as Akshar, Sankalp, Pragathi etc. have been complete to support students on their way to get degrees at the Bachelors and Masters level. Our involvement  does not stop with providing financial assistance to the student, but goes much beyond that. We monitor their progress continuously giving the donors feedback about the same. Through our relationship with the student we hope to instill a sense of responsibility and desire to give back to the country what they have recieved.

Our foundation lies in the power of cents giving TCH its name. As J. Carney put it, "Little drops of water, little grains of sand, make the mighty ocean, and the pleasant land."

So, come, join us and help make a difference!

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